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Children of Islamic Nations

Children of Islamic Nations (COIN) is a federally registered Canadian charitable organization founded by the Late Dr. Abdul Khaliq and several key philanthropic members of the Edmonton community. Run by a Volunteer Board, it has received generous financial support from government and the community alike.

All funds (100%) raised by COIN have been used for a wide variety of developmental projects in the field of education and primary health for women and children in poor and developing countries.

At times of need, COIN has also provided emergency relief, food, shelter, and health supplies to many disaster stricken countries.


For many of its developmental projects, COIN is grateful for matching grants from Alberta Government (through the Wildrose Foundation and the International Development Program) as well as the Federal government (through Canadian International Development agency or CIDA).

We value our partners for their help in all our joint efforts. These Partners include NGOs registered in Canada (e.g. International Development and Relief Foundation, IDRF; Life; Human Concern International, HCI; Red Cross) and other local based NGOs.



To contribute towards self-reliance of the world’s poor communities through our support in worthy projects aimed at sustainable improvements in their health, education and well-being of their children.

Hear from Those You’ve Helped

Please accept gratitude of our blind students. This has been possible only because of the generosity of donors i.e. “you” which has enabled us to provide education and training to these blind students with the most modern Assistive Technology

Mirza Muhammad Atif

General Manager, Aziz Jehan Begum Trust for the Blind, 2017

COIN’s support… is giving Riffat, our Deaf Teacher and her 4 deaf children enrolled at the school an amazing opportunity to improve the quality of their lives and future in a unique learning environment designed for the Deaf.  The same opportunity is given to the 1,300+ students and their families in the six (6) schools. You and COIN are part of it.

Daniel Marc Lantier

Director, Family Educational Services Foundation, Deaf Reach schools, Karachi, Pakistan, 2017

Since your donated equipment has been installed, we have recorded almost 3000 children visits with eye ailments .It is an overwhelming response and a great service to the really needed poor community of the area.

Faysal Pakistani

Coordinator, Jannat Aziz Eye Hospital, Burewala, Punjab, Pakistan 2017


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