Supporting Health, Education & Relief Around the World

About Us



Providing hope, dignity and self-reliance to disadvantaged children and their families through the generosity of individual Canadians and Granting Agencies.


To contribute towards self-reliance of the world’s poor communities through our support in worthy projects aimed at sustainable improvements in health, education and well-being of their children.


Children of Islamic Nations (COIN) is a federally registered Canadian charitable organization established by the Late Dr. Abdul Khaliq and several key philanthropic members of the Edmonton community. Run by a Volunteer Board, it has received generous financial support from government and the community alike.

All funds (100%) raised by COIN have been used for a wide variety of developmental projects in the field of education and primary health for women and children in poor and developing countries.

At times of need, COIN has also provided emergency relief, food, shelter, and health supplies to many disaster stricken countries.


  • Dr. Aziz Khan (President)
  • Dure Atiq (Vice President)
  • Sadia Wattoo (Secretary)
  • Ahmad D. Shaikh (Treasurer)
  • M. Khan (Director)
  • Muhammad Asif (Director)
  • Chaudhry Amanat Ali (Director)
  • Fereshta Wida (Director)
  • Sofia Yaqub (Director)

Thank You: Your financial support has given COIN opportunities to provide relief, save lives, preserve human dignity, and provide hope.COIN’s projects have made a huge and lasting difference in these communities. COIN has over 30 years of history in Edmonton, Canada and does not charge any administrative expenses. All of the money raised goes towards the projects indicated.

Our very sincere thank you to our supporters, donors, volunteers