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Humanitarian & Emergency Relief

Humanitarian & Emergency Relief

With your generous support, we were able to assist in these recent humanitarian and emergency relief efforts:

  • Provided funds for “Winterisation Kits” (humanitarian Relief) for the besieged children in the eastern Ghota-Rural-Damascus, affected by the armed conflict. The project was coordinated with “Syria Relief”, England, UK, ($20,000.00).
  • Assistance for food, water, and medical supplies for victims of Hurricane Matthew” in Haiti ($5,000.00).
  • Emergency relief for the reconstruction of Drasa Muslim Primary School damaged and/or destroyed by cyclone Winston and the purchase of class room furniture, children books, stationeries, computers, library and the lab equipment, ($40,000.00)
  • Assistance for food, water, and medical supplies for famine victims in Tharparker, Sind, Pakistan, ($ 10,000.00).
  • Assistance to construct a drinking water well and sanitary education for a rural community in Kalpetta, Kerala, India, ($ 6,000.00).
  • Assistance for food, water, and medical supplies for victims of earthquake in rural parts of Nepal, ($ 10,000).
  • Assistance for food and shelter needs of refugees from Yemen conflict ($ 10,000.00).
  • Provided funds for school supplies, snacks, and basic health of Rohingyan children in Myanmar, ($ 10,000).
  • Assistance of relief packages of food, shelter, winter clothing, blankets and medical supplies, for earthquake victims in the province of KPK and surrounding areas, KPK, Pakistan, ($ 25,000.00)
  • Provided relief packages (food, clothing and medicine) for flood victims in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, ($15,000.00).
  • Provided funds for the purchase and installation of water pumps to help alleviate the acute drinking water shortage in the area of District of Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan. The project was coordinated with Human Development Foundation, (HDF), ($8,250.00).


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