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In these trying times, may Allah keep you all safe and healthy. Please remember the less fortunate —reflect on how a small act of kindness can impact the lives of those who live amid such a crisis day in day out!

Please donate generously to help the most vulnerable at home and abroad. COIN has sent emergency relief for COVID-19 to the poor in Pakistan and India. We are in the process of working out details with other NGOs on the ground for relief to other desperate communities around the world.

Locally in Edmonton, COIN is partnering with organizations like IFSSA, that assist the most affected segments of our community in their Emergency Needs Program.


COIN is Zakat eligible. Take advantage of reaping extra rewards during this blessed month! COIN depends on YOU to implement sustainable projects in education and health for orphans, underprivileged children and their families.

Help COIN deliver relief to victims of natural and human-made disasters.
In these trying times, may Allah SWT keep you and your families safe and healthy.


Yemen Crisis: “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis” UN Report, Feb. 2019.

A war-torn country, Yemen, is experiencing great human suffering since the war began in March 2015. Due to massive disruption in the country’s infrastructure, there is a collapsing health system, lack of clean water, a build-up of human waste that has led to cholera epidemic and malnourishment of gigantic proportions.

According the UN report, Feb 2019

  • 80,000 children below the age of 5 have already died since 2015
  • 400,000 children facing life-threatening malnourishment
  • 2 Million children are acutely malnourished
  • 2 Million children unable to go to school

Help COIN with projects for Yemen.


COIN had been actively helping the Rohingya children in Myanmar before their exodus and is  taking the initiative on behalf of the Edmonton community in general, and the Muslim community in particular, to collect funds for the Rohingya Humanitarian Emergency Relief which is so desperately needed

COIN provided food ration, drinking water, urgent medical supplies, urgent hygiene kits and shelter to the Rohingya Refugees living in Bangladesh refugee camps.

COIN provided funding for the schooling needs of Rohingya orphans in Bangladesh.

COIN funded a Safe Home project called Ashroy Ghor for Rohingya children in refugee camps, to play safely and to enjoy refreshments.

Please donate generously as the need is growing more so now.


COIN initiated the Orphan Care Program in 2017. The objective was to provide for the educational and welfare needs of orphan children, the most vulnerable segment of a community, in countries where resources were limited.

By the Grace of the Almighty and the generosity of donors like YOU, COIN was able to implement the Orphan Care Program in Somalia, Gaza, Yemen, Pakistan, India, and for Syrian orphans in Lebanon and for many Rohingya orphans in Bangladesh.