Supporting Health, Education & Relief Around the World

Present Projects




  • Deaf Reach Schools – Family Educational Services Foundation, Pakistan: Provided bakery equipment, computers, cameras, school supplies, uniforms, vocational supplies, and transportation for deaf students in 7 cities.
  • Blind Institute – Aziz Jehan Begum Trust Institute for the Blind, Lahore, Pakistan: Sponsored the schooling needs of 45 blind students, and provided funds for 15 braille machines, school supplies, playground equipment, and purchase of a school van.
  • Federation for Economic and Educational Development, FEED, Hyderabad, India: Classroom furniture and scholarships for deserving students with merit from low-income families for higher education.
  • Al Mudassar Trust School Complex for Children of Special Needs, Kharian, Pakistan: Provided funding for sewing machines, classroom and library furniture, and school supplies for students with disabilities (blind and deaf).
  • Elementary Schools in Rural Sindh – Leprosy Patient Welfare Trust, LPWT, Karachi, Pakistan: Provided student desks, and classroom supplies for 13 new elementary schools.
  • Radiance Public School, MSET, Tamilnadu, India: Provided funds for 15 Dell Computers to increase the efficiency of poor students from rural areas through computer-aided learning.
  • Pakistan National Forum on Women Health, Karachi, Pakistan: Provided funding to train 25 girls from rural Sindh for a two years midwifery training program.
  • Pakistan Kidney Centre, PKC, Abbottabad, Pakistan: Provided funds for medical equipment for the health screening of children and women in rural areas of Hazara Division. A joint venture project with PKC.
  • Pakistan Myasthenic Welfare Organization, Islamabad, Pakistan: Sponsored plasmapheresis kits, and remotely controlled beds designed for plasmapheresis uses for free procedures required for poor patients of neurological ailments.
  • Jannat Aziz Eye Hospital, Burewala, Pakistan: Provided equipment for a new pediatric unit to serve needy children with eye-related diseases.
  • Elementary Schools, Gaza: Provided funding for clean water supply, and eyeglasses for children in two schools.
  • India & Pakistan: COVID-19 relief effort for the poor.
  • India: Relief for the rehabilitation of victims of Delhi violence/riots. Networked with local NGOs to provide basic essential needs packages that included food, medicine, clothing and blankets for needy families. Support of initial scale start-up was also provided to poor small businesses like tea stall business, and vegetable, fruit vendors.
  • Yemen: Winter survival kits and food assistance for school children.
  • Bangladesh: Emergency relief kits (food, winter clothing, medical and sanitary supplies, and water) for Rohingya refugee camps.
  • Bangladesh: Funded a safe home project called Ashroy Ghor for Rohingya children in Bangladesh. The project was jointly funded by COIN and HCI to provide a place for refugee children to play safely and to enjoy some refreshments.
  • Pakistan: Assistance for the relief of famine-affected people in Tharparkar, Sindh, Pakistan. Food, water, and medical supplies were provided to people in remote rural communities—a joint project with LPWT, Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Indonesia: Provided funds for the earthquake emergency relief efforts for children and families (food, shelter, and blankets, medical and school supplies) in Palu, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. A joint relief effort with HCI.
  • Bahamas: Water relief aid to victims of Hurricane Dorian.
  • Orphan Children in Gaza: Provided funds for food and essential supplies.
  • Syrian and Yemeni Orphans: Funds were provided for schooling needs.
  • Somalian Orphanage: Support for schooling needs and food for orphan children.
  • Rohingya Orphans: Provided funding for the schooling needs of Rohingya orphans in Bangladesh.
  • Pakistani Orphans: Provided funds to support the educational needs of 10 orphan children.
  • Indian Orphan Support-FEED, Hyderabad, India: Sponsored the schooling fees of 50 orphan children.