Supporting Health, Education & Relief Around the World

Present Projects




  • Pakistan- The Citizens Foundation (TCF) School, Ghulam Fatima Campus, Sillianwali Village, Sargodha District: COIN is excited to collaborate with TCF for 2020 to 2021. COIN will provide operational support plus scholarships to 130 students (46% girls) from underprivileged backgrounds.
  • Pakistan- Deaf Reach Schools-Family Educational Services Foundation: In 2020, 175 computers uploaded with Pakistan Sign Language curriculum for Grades 1-12 for distance learning to schools in 7 cities of Pakistan were provided. In addition, COIN provided bakery equipment, computers, cameras, school supplies, uniforms and vocational supplies for deaf students in 7 cities in the last four years.
  • India- Radiance Public School, Tamilnadu: Computers were provided to students from rural areas and low-socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Pakistan- Aziz Jehan Begum Trust, Institute for the Blind, Lahore: Sponsored the schooling needs of 30 students last year. In addition, in previous years, COIN provided sponsorship of students’ educational needs, funds for Braille machines, school supplies, playground equipment and a school van.
  • India- Federation for Economic and Educational Development, Hyderabad: Classroom furniture and scholarships for deserving students with merit from low-income families for higher education.
  • Pakistan- Al Mudassar Trust Special Education Complex, Kharian: Furniture was provided for a computer lab, library and classrooms. Here, free board, lodging and education are provided to students from low-income families, including special needs children.
  • Pakistan- Alif Laila Book Bus Society, Lahore: COIN is supporting a project for 1000 girls from low-income government schools to learn about computers, electronics, arts, crafts, gardening and photography. In addition, they will be taught the basic principles of starting a small business.
  • Bangladesh- Nutritional Support for Rohingya Children in Three Temporary Learning Centres (TLC) in Kutupalong Camps: COIN networked with a local charity to provide breakfast support to Rohingya children that live in the refugee camps and attend the 3 TLCs. The food situation in the camps is critical. This program enables them to start their day at the centre with a full stomach.
  • Palestine- Eyeglasses and Clean Drinking Water for Two Schools in Gaza: According to a United Nations report, only 10% of the Palestinians have access to potable water, a leading cause of preventable deaths. This program will benefit 1,480 beneficiaries. The eyeglasses will benefit 80 students following a visit to a certified optometrist.
  • Pakistan- Human Development Foundation Community Health Centre, Karowal Village, Lahore: Medical equipment, facility upgrades and vaccination support was provided at this health centre. This centre dispenses free treatment to mothers and children of Karowal village and surrounding villages, totalling 2,200 families.
  • Turkey- Maternal and Infant Health kits for Syrian refugees: 150 health kits were supplied to the young pregnant and postpartum Syrian refugee mothers and their infants living in Turkey.
  • Pakistan- Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad Hospital: Sponsorship of plasmapheresis kits and ICU beds for free treatment of children and low-income patients.
  • Palestine- Sponsorship of 1000 Face Shields for the COVID-19 Protection, Gaza: These shields were distributed to the medical teams and some low-income families in Gaza.
  • Pakistan- Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health, Karachi: Funding provided for a midwifery training program of 25 young girls from rural Sindh, Tharparkar. This drought-ridden district of Sindh has a high child mortality rate. The girls in this program are selected from Tharparkar and receive 18 months of training in Karachi. After training, they serve in their own rural areas through hospitals, clinics and private practice.
  • Pakistan-Jannat Aziz Eye Hospital, Burewala: Equipment for a pediatric unit of the hospital was provided for the free treatment of children from low-income families.
  • Syrian and Pakistani Orphans: Educational and welfare needs of Pakistani and Syrian children were sponsored.
  • India-Hyderabad: Sponsorship of School Fee Support Program: COIN sponsored educational needs of 50 orphan children in schools supported by Federation for Economic and Educational Development, FEED.
  • Yemen, Gaza, Nepal and Bangladesh: Educational and welfare needs of orphan children from Yemen, Gaza, Nepal and Rohingya in Bangladesh were sponsored.
  • Edmonton, Yemen, Gaza, India and Pakistan: Emergency food aid relief was provided to these countries for the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Lebanon: Food aid relief to low-income families impacted by the Beirut explosion.
  • India: Support for victims of Delhi riots through food aid and monetary help to small daily wage earners.
  • Bahamas: Water aid relief to victims of Hurricane Dorian.
  • India: Humanitarian relief to flood-affected families in Hyderabad, India.